How does it work?

Upstream is a team based game designed to teach players how to make informed investment decisions. You and your team will progress through stages of the Upstream Oil Value Chain.

Together, we will explore the intellectual, operational, and emotional aspects of making high impact corporate decisions in an environment of high risk and uncertainty.


Our goal is to explain the Oil & Gas value chain and the processes that western Oil & Gas companies follow when making upstream investment decisions. By the end of this program, students will be able to explain the key considerations when deciding how best to appraise and develop a commercial oil discovery.

Host or Share

This program will allow one instructor and a virtual classroom of students to interact with one another. The instructor will be able to open a room, in which students can join and participate.


Students will gain an understanding of upstream investment decisions, but also understand personal stake in the decisions. During the program, students will “invest” in their decisions via a market share simulation. Each student stands to gain a nice bonus if they lead their company in the right direction!