Upstream is a team based game designed to teach players how to make informed investment decisions. You and your team will progress through stages of Upstream Oil Value Chain. Together, we will explore the intellectual, operational, and emotional aspects of making high impact corporate decisions in an environment of high risk and uncertainty.

Each member will take the role of Exploration Vice President:

  • You work for an intermediate-sized, well capitalized, publicly listed Canadian international E & P (Exploration & Production) company
  • You are all leaders/senior managers/executives of E & P departments.
  • You are responsible for ensuring the company has an ongoing/sufficient number of new discoveries to replace declining production volumes as well as grow the reserve base.
  • This in turn is intended to increase the market cap/share value of the company. This is the company’s primary objective(fiduciary responsibility.)

Case Study: The newly elected President of the country of Botszamco has promised to make economic growth a priority of their administration. Part of the government’s platform includes a plan to invest in the development of the country’s natural resources.
The government is moving cautiously to ensure that they don’t fall victim to the ‘resource curse’ and plans to support the development of low-carbon and renewable energy sources to ensure a competitive, diversified, and sustainable energy sector.
Botszamco is a signatory to the Paris Agreement but currently has no carbon price (emissions trading systems (ETS) and/or carbon taxes) legislation in place. However, different carbon price policies are being explored and future legislation and new regulations regarding carbon emissions may be introduced within the next decade.

This system was created as a Digital Media & IT capstone final project for Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Software Development:

  • Shams Ahsanullah
  • Maksym Kononenko
  • Josiah Larocque
  • Blaise Sebagabo

Graphic Design:

  • Tim Guela

Business Analyst:

  • Grey Fairservice
  • Brendan Leong